3 Top YouTube Videos to Learn Photoshop

3 Top YouTube Videos to Learn Photoshop

YouTube is the next-gen way of learning, which is helping learners worldwide to understand things from the academics, and new concepts of practical life.

What the Forbes Recent Study Has to Say on This- 

A recent Forbes, also tells the same story, with 72% of viewers are watching YouTube for educational purposes, while 52% for work-related reasons. Additionally, the report data also stated that the video content dedicated to learning is twice more than the pets & animals category, which is second on the list. All these figures are enough to prove that people are using YouTube not just for entrainment, but for educational too. So, the videos related to photoshop are also receiving millions of views worldwide.

What Is Photoshop Software?

Photoshop, is an advanced graphics designing tool, which has revolutionised the world of web and graphic designs and giving the artists the luxury and the ease to lend detailing to their end products. That’s why, everyone, who is aspiring to get into the domain of graphic designing has to learn to use this software. Apart from working for a company, you can start your own freelancing business, as the earning potential in today’s digital epoch where Internet has become an important part of our daily lives is quite high, and augmenting with every passing day.

There is a length of best videos to learn Photoshop on YouTube, and here we’ll list down a few of them:

TastyTuts Photoshop Tutorial Videos

Operated by a renowned London based designer, Gareth David, there Photoshop tutorial videos are an ocean of information than any aspiring Photoshop learners around the globe can learn every inch of this advanced software. Moreover, the videos are quite easy to understand, as there are well narrated in basic English language. Their 45 episode course will definitely develop you into a logo designer, only if you understand very point clearly, and most importantly, practise day and night. Like football and cricket, graphic designing call for years of practice to become an eminent name in the industry.

Phlearn Photoshop Tutorial Videos

One of the most popular channel on the YoutTube, Phlearn, bought by Aaron Nace is popular for photography resources, however, their Photoshop tutorial videos are creating sensation over the Internet. Unlike other YouTube, a panel of designers, having immense industry experience are united as a team to help aspiring graphic designers to fulfil their dreams and achieve something big in their professional life. This channel update and release new tutorial of  Photoshop once or twice in a week.

Howard Pinsky Photoshop Tutorial Videos

One of the first channel dedicated to Photoshop tutorial,  Howard Pinsky since its inception in the year 2006 has been a great resource for aspiring designers, amateurs, and the professionals of the  industry. The narration for this tutorial is so easy that you can understand easily.

At the end of it all, apart from these Channels, there are many other YoutTube channels, you can surf for more. Also, ask your friends or relatives for recommendations.