How to Design Your Own Dance Studio?

How to Design Your Own Dance Studio?

Only a passionate dancer can understand the true worth of having his own dance studio. This is more of an asset for a dancer who dreams of pursuing his career in this field. And if you’re one such who loves dancing either you’ll end up becoming a professional choreographer or a dance teacher.

For those who wish to go for the second option (becoming a dance instructor) of course, need to have their own dance studio. And to entitle yourself as a dance studio owner, you need to work on a lot of things. Right from your own dance skills to having a perfect dance studio location, everything should be done according to the comfort of your students.

Let’s get to know how you can design an impactful dance studio for your upcoming students-


  1. Make a business plan – A solid blueprint of your ideas is always required for a better execution. Take out some time and have a word with your other partners or anyone who is already into this business. With this, you can have a better idea about the investments and other requisites to be kept in mind. Right from your target audience to the kind of dance you want to teach, everything should be included in your master plan of your dream dance studio.
  1. A studio – Buy adequate space and register it legally with a brand name that you wish. This will include the process of documentation, insurance, etc. and in case, you aren’t capable of buying space then take it on rent or lease. This will even save you from the legal documentation. Make sure to choose a space which is easily accessible or in the renowned location of the city. This will help you get more and more students easily. Here, you may have to think of your students comfort first, then yours.
  1. Flooring – To groove your body perfectly, a solid proof floor is a must. So, make sure to get rough and tough flooring that is reliable and long-lasting. Also, avoid slippery flooring where dance cannot be performed. Many renowned dance classes in Sydney use Marley type floors which are reliable as well as comforts the feet of a learner.
  1. Interiors – Usually for a dance studio, you don’t need many interiors than just wall-sized crystal clear mirrors. In case, your dance studio has some extra space where the mirror isn’t required then you can go for some inspirational dancers to always ignite the urge of learning the best dance moves among your students.

  1. Equipment required – As the dance floor should be clean always so mat becomes the first mandatory equipment that your dance studio must have. This not just adds a grace to space but also helps your dancers to avoid slippery steps. Other than this, you can go for different dance props (whichever you wish) and a rack to keep water bottles or shoes of the learners.

The final word-

No matter what’s the size of your dance studio, all you need about is the comfort of your students. Make sure to keep the interiors simple yet reliable. Apart from anything else, it is the flooring that needs to be done appropriately because at the end it is all that matters.