What are the most reliable car brands?

What are the most reliable car brands?

World’s Most Reliable Car Brands

We all have at least one car horror story. The rust bucket we bought because it was all we could afford, the hand-me-down car that made its way to you for your first car or the notorious lemon that spent more time in the service centre than it did in your driveway. When it comes to shopping for a car, regardless of whether it’s new or a used car, reliability is usually a key factor in shaping our decision. Most of the scrap car or car removal are for non reliable brands.

It’s The Portfolio!

Creating one brilliant car is doable given the technology, onboard systems and build quality available off the shelf to today’s car manufacturers. While the advanced state of the technology in today’s car brands are reflected in the extended warranties, which have increasingly become standard across the industry, bringing to life a portfolio of wondrously reliable cars is another level of difficulty altogether.

One trend, which has quietly strengthened in recent years, has been the ability of mass-market brands such as Toyota and General Motors to deliver reliability that is on par or in many cases exceeds that of established luxury brands such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

Reliability Versus Safety

Safety-conscious car buyers usually check their short-listed vehicles crash test ratings. There are several agencies in different countries that conduct safety tests. In the United States, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) perform different tests to establish the safety profiles of new models. Safety ratings focus on the operation of safety features in a series of simulated crash tests. Reliability tests predict a brand’s future reliability by looking at a brand’s historical reliability record. Reliability tests predict a brand’s future reliability by looking at a brand’s historical reliability record.

America’s Annual Reliability Surveys

One of America’s most enduring annual reliability guides is the Consumer Reports’ Annual Reliability Survey. The survey included 29 brands in its rankings. We bring you the Top 10 most reliable brands and the Bottom 5 least reliable brands.

Top 10 Most Reliable Brands In 2017

Buying a reliable car can mean far fewer service visits. In 2017, the Consumer Report’s Annual Reliability Survey results were released:

  1. Lexus 86/100
  2. Toyota 78/100
  3. Buick 75/100
  4. Audi 71/100
  5. Kia 69/100
  6. Mazda 68/100
  7. Hyundai 66/100
  8. Infiniti 62/100
  9. BMW 57/100
  10. Honda 57/100

The presence of some many mass manufacturers with broad model ranges in the 2017 Top 10 bears testimony to the how far reliability has progressed in becoming a cost-of-entry requirements for customers.

Bottom 5 Least Reliable Brands In 2017

For every winner, there are losers. In 2017, the bottom 5 brands in the Consumer Report’s Annual Reliability Survey results were:

  1. Tesla 28/100
  2. Dodge 28/100
  3. Chrysler 26/100
  4. Fiat 17/100
  5. Ram 16/100

Tesla’s appearance is partially explained by the newness of its technology and the time it takes to embed quality as a characteristic in a manufacturing culture. However, neither Dodge nor Ram have no such excuse, particular given the positions of Toyota, Kia, Mazda and Honda.

Final Word

The Internet and social media have transformed the amount of information relating to reliability customers have access to. Not surprisingly, buyers are increasingly avoiding models with poor reliability reputations keeping up the pressure on manufacturers particularly on their high-volume brands. The good news is that customers don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy a dependable vehicle.