Where Do The Kaftans Dresses Come From Originally?

Where Do The Kaftans Dresses Come From Originally?

Dress like you are already a celebrity! Seasons come and go, but fashion is something that stays there. Though it may change according to changing bandwagons and seasons but you can always wear it the way you wish to.

It’s been a fact and record that every passing decade, not just transforms the historical but the fashion world as well. We get to see an unbeatable fashion sense which takes the crowd by storm and leave its impression for the next few years. Be it swanky bell bottom pants or snappy peasant tops, the time has given us countless great personality makeover options which still rocks.

And one of them is Kaftan. Yes, Kaftan is one such dress that may originate an age ago but still is making people go gaga over it. Most of the people don’t know much about this dress type but Kaftan dresses in Australia are quite popular among almost every age group of women. And what’s the reason? Well, it’s comforting design of course.

Though we love to wear this elegant piece of cloth on almost any attire but quite rare people know the origin or history of it. If you are one of those who is curious to know about it, then continue reading. Its history may amaze you for once.

History of Kaftan- 

In the 14th Century, Ottoman Sultans use to wear Kaftan and it became the most popular dress of that era. Following this, people even started calling it a symbolic dress type of Ottoman Empire.

This was usually worn by the Sultans only just to showcase their royalty in an apt manner. Worn as a tunic or robe, its name got originated from an Arabic word ‘Qaftan’ which transformed into Kaftan with ages. Generally, it was made of wool, silk, cotton or cashmere. This elegant overcoat use to add a lot of grace to the overall attire of Sultans and which is why this became the prominent choice of all the prince or Empire rulers of that time.

Handcrafted with precious gold or silver metallic threads and silk ribbons, these robes soon became one of the necessities for Sultans.  As per Gerhard Doerfer’s research (a renowned Philologist), the word ‘Kaftan’ is inspired by an old Turkish word ‘Kap ton’ which means a covering garment.

Once this attire style got a lot of praise, Sultans started wearing it with a lavish brooch just to enhance their royalty factor. To accompany it well, there was silk brocade that uses to work perfectly with the overall look of the Emperors.

After almost an age, Morocco recapitulated this trend of wearing Kaftan. Initially, these were worn by male Judges and worked quite well to show their authoritative personality. Soon, with the pace of time, even the West Africans started this trend and steadily the whole world was head over heels with these classy Kaftans.

The bottom line-

Kaftan has been considered to be one of the most loved and comforting outfits. Since ages, it has never lost its craze and grace which is why; ladies still love to complete their overall attire by draping themselves in classy Kaftan.