Logo Designs For Charity Organisations

Logo Designs For Charity Organisations

Logo Designs For Charity Organisations Guideline

Logos are the visual icons representing companies, institutes, charities and other organisations. They can also represent products and services. Consumers will recognize and relate to logos, which in turn will build company branding.

In the current world, logo designs are considered tools. They can have a huge impact on any charity organisation. Select the wrong logo and your services will not be as substantial as you had anticipated. Choose the right one, and your organisation name will soon be a common household name. It is recommended to not create your own unless you are 100% sure, to ask a professional graphic designer for assistance.

Not everyone can create a winning logo design. You need graphic skills and a thorough understanding of which graphic designs attract consumers, both online and in the real world. Creating logo designs is not an easy task, but with the following guidelines at your side, you will have a good, solid foundation.

View your organisation logo design as a tool

A logo should represent what your organization stands for. It should have a professional look because logos are not really pieces of art. They are designed to show the target audience what your company or organization is all about. A distinctive animal logo design for a Qurban campaign of an Islamic organisation is imperative. Incorporate as much information about your company as you can into your logo, but without overcrowding the design. A skilled graphic design firm can help you compose a fascinating, visually pleasing logo.

Avoid intricate and complicated logo designs

Logos that have a busy design, or are too complicated will only confuse your audience. Keep it simple so the viewer does not have to “study” your trademark. It should be obvious from the first glance who you are and what products or services you are offering. People do not have the time to stare at an emblem; they want to look and know what it is all about.

Another reason why an organisation or company logo design should be uncomplicated is the fact that intricate drawings and outlines do not shrink well. While your catering equipment logo may look amazing on a road-side billboard or on a commercial kitchen equipment company truck, but it may be unrecognizable on the top of a brochure.

You only need a three colour selection

Ideal logo designs are printed using only one or two colours. If that is too plain, add one more, but that should be the maximum. There are 2 reasons why to keep your colour selection low.

It keeps your printing cost down for point of sale materials such as letterhead, business cards, labels, and envelopes. In some mediums, the visual impact of your logo will be reduced if you use more colours. For instance, faxes only print in black and white. This means that if you are promoting your dance academy organisation to promote dance classes for kids through a far too glowing colourful dancer, a lot of the effect of your logo may end up looking too overwhelming.

Be careful when selecting your colours, because some shades may be associated with certain perspectives. For instance, red is often associated with danger/blood and may have a negative impact if you use it to promote your medical company.

Keep fonts consistent

Be consistent in your company logo design’s font usage. Two different fonts look messy and distracting. Stick to the standard fonts like Arial, Times New Roman, Courier, or Calibri. The clearer the font, the more readable the text will be.

Verify trademark rights 

While the chances are slim that someone else is already using your logo design, it never hurts to check your trademark and registration rights. Registering your company logo protects you now and in the future.