How Much Does it Cost to Open a Bakery Shop in Australia?

How Much Does it Cost to Open a Bakery Shop in Australia?

Cake, pastries, and cupcakes are something that we can’t resist. No matter you are 55 or 15, anyone can have a sweet tooth and immense love for heavenly delicious desserts. With this, baking and selling baked products have become more of a bandwagon that almost every second entrepreneur wants to follow.

Bakery products don’t see any season or festival to be eaten; they can be enjoyed every morning or at your evening supper time. Due to this, it has been seen as a great business preference which never goes unsuccessful.

To run a business well, you must adapt a legal procedure which requires registration and getting a certified license to run a particular business. Having an effective business plan is not enough to go ahead for opening your bakery shop. To accomplish it you need an adequate amount of finance too.

If you are one of that fortunate individual who is looking forward to opening up your own bakery outlet then here is cost estimation and basic necessities that you need to follow. Check this out.

  1. Property – Your first step should be to buy an outlet at a remote location. In case you get a property on lease, go for it. This is the best way to save your bucks. For this, you must have at least $200,000 with you.
  1. Baking equipment Dough mixers, blenders, oven and much more. There’s a lot for you to buy. At the initial stage, of course, you would be looking for cheaper prices and for that getting all the necessary bakery equipment from Melbourne is a good option as this one place offer a vast range of equipment at reasonable prices. If not everything then you must order cake displays from Melbourne to save your large amount of bucks on kitchen appliances. And for this, you must spare $100,000.
  1. Insurance – Getting an insurance cover is a must to save you from financial crises in the rainy days. And to make it sure, you must have at least $30,400 for such purposes.
  1. License – As per the governing authority rules in Australia, you must submit approximately $750-$800. Rest, it completely depends on the region where you are setting up your business.
  1. Marketing – After starting your business, you must continue with the marketing work as well. Only this is going to get you some business and will make sure your outlet a popular one in the nearby region. For this, you need to hire a marketing expert who may charge you $3,500.
  1. Business Consultant – To get a solid proof and effective business plan you must hire or get in touch with a business consultant who can let you know about the pros and cons of entering into such a business stream. For this, s/he may charge you around $2,500.


Baking a cake might sound easier but opening up a bakery shop is not a child’s play. Going through the legal documentation and another registration procedure is one major aspect that asks for a lot of patience. For accomplishing the dream of opening your own bakery shop, keeping a hawk eye on your monetary is also a mandatory aspect.